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Commsure develops community-focused insurance solutions – powered by AI, machine learning and network science – to overcome some of the persistent challenges that face existing models of insurance.

People as nodes in an insurance network

Commsure is a member of the MGAA (Managing General Agents' Association)

Why Community Insurance?

Why Community Insurance?

The concept of mutual or peer-to-peer insurance has been around for a long time in the form of mutual organisations, such as Community Insurance for farmers and credit unions.

Mutual insurance has not achieved widespread success mainly due to distribution methods and lack of efficiency. Moreover, it has moved away from the concept of profit sharing with subscribing members due to the increased expenses and management costs. In essence it has become more like conventional insurance.

There is a need to provide custom-fit products with the mutual concept of communities and solidarity insurance options. Commsure is harnessing technology to resolve the challenges of community insurance.

What is Takaful?

Takaful refers to an insurance system based on mutual cooperation, solidarity, and shared responsibility. The word "takaful" comes from the Arabic root word "kafala," which means "to guarantee."

In a takaful system, policyholders come together to pool their resources and share the risks of loss or damage. This promotes social welfare and economic justice by providing individuals and businesses with a form of insurance that is both ethical and sustainable.

How do we ensure solidarity in insurance?


The Risk

The proposed risk to be insured must not itself be prohibited by Takaful or involved in something that is prohibited by Takaful.


The Contract

The insurance policy must not support or impose any act or condition that would contravene the principles of Takaful.


The Process

The insurance policy must comply with the principles of mutuality, fairness and transparency.

Our Objectives

Commsure ensures that all products, services and contracts are based upon the foundation of the ethics and principles of Takaful. These principles are determined by the need for participation, transparency, certainty and fairness in any transaction or business dealing.

Achieve insurance's higher purpose: the preservation of life, wealth, property and posterity

Maintain transparency in all operations and in all aspects of the cover

Ensure all policies, investments and risks insured are consistent with Takaful

Achieve fairness and share the risk for all Insureds

Ensure all approved claims are paid out accurately, quickly and efficiently

Commsure Management Team

The Commsure team has over 100-year combined experience in the Lloyd’s and international insurance markets spanning across underwriting, brokering, actuarial science and operations in both commercial and consumer markets...

Jeremy Colletta

Jeremy Colletta

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy is a highly experienced senior reinsurance executive with an extensive global network of contacts in the industry. He has held leadership positions in a number of blue chip insurance broking companies and his industry experience includes retail, wholesale, treaty and facultative reinsurance.

Mark Bridges

Mark Bridges

Chief Operating Officer

Mark has over 40 years of experience in operations related roles, with 35 of these within the insurance industry, spanning both the UK and Europe. In 2013, Mark formed his own consultancy business and has played key roles in the set-up of four MGAs, initially assuming the Head of Operations roles at each of these.

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